Guangzhou Vshine Lighting Co. Ltd.

Vshine, you'll be more shining

About Vshine Light

Over the last decade, Vshine Light has been dedicating to manufacturing and marketing premium Lighting Products to satisfy both domestic and international customers from all over the world.  Vshine Light is now one of the top Lighting products manufacturer, and it became the leading Brand in the Chinese market.

We focus on providing complete solutions covering Stage Lightings, Events Lightings, Architectural Lightings and other products relating to Lighting Industry. Moving forward in a demanding and dynamic business environment,  Vshine Light projects itself as a world-class Lighting solution provider in the future.


 Vshine Light aims to obtain the world-class reputation on R&D and manufacturing by successive innovation and integration. Thus, becoming the best Lightings manufacturer worldwide and leading Chinese Lighting industry towards the top world class, are the commitment to our clients.

Core Business: Lighting products Manufacturing Services

Our dedication is to be the professional manufacturing of Lighting products.

Customers as Partners

Our customers' success is our success and we make sure to treat them just as we would to our partners.

Quality Work and Quality Services

At Qingtian, we make sure that every employee provides the highest quality of service. We provide our employees with constant reviews to ensure the best performance possible. We see it our mission to achieve and maintain complete customer satisfaction.

Innovative and Dynamic Business

Here at Vshine Light, we see innovation as our core, without it we cannot succeed as it is vital to sectors of our business (e.g. strategic planning, marketing, management, R&D and production) At Qingtian, we always make sure to maintain a dynamic and efficient work attitude.

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